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Teacher Work

Professional Development Implementation

The staff in Olmsted Falls are not only great teachers, but there are great implementers as well. This section of the website is devoted to the products they've created as a result of the professional development that they've taken part in.

Click here to view pictures of what the work looks like when it is in practice.














The link below will take you to the work that Olmsted Falls Teachers have created

Reading/Writing Teacher Work

Science Teacher Work

Math Teacher Work

Social Studies Teacher Work

OFCS Lesson Planning Framework Updated 9-28-10

OFCS Mini-Lesson Quality Components Updated 3-14-12

Project Based Learning Information

Lesson Design Hyperlinks

Grade Language Arts Math Social Studies Science Specials


Kindergarten Writing/Telling About a Topic Unit

Kindergarten Writing: Choosing a Topic Unit

Kindergarten Phonemes Unit

Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness Unit.

Kindergarten Reading Process Unit

Kindergarten Story Retelling Unit

Kindergarten  Non-Fiction Unit

Kindergarten Coins Unit

Kindergarten Numbers 0 - 9 Unit

Kindergarten Measurement Unit

Kindergarten: Counting Backwards on a Number Line Unit






    1st Grade Integrated Unit of Instruction: Earth  










4th Grade ELA--Raj_Jah_Unit

4th Grade ELA--Sleeping Ugly Unit

4th Grade ELA--Biography Unit


4th Grade ELA--Frindle Zipper Boys Girls Unit

4th Grade ELA--Because of Wind Dixie Unit Framework

4th Grade ELA--Dog Unit Framework

4th Grade ELA--Charlotte's Web Unit Framework

4th Grade Math--Measurement unit Framework      


5th_Grade_ELA--Up Unit

5th Grade Hatchet Unit Design

5th Grade Shiloh Unit Design

5th Grade Trouble Don't Last Unit Design

5th Grade Survival Unit 

Survival Unit Student Tracking Evidence

  5th_Grade_Social_Studies--Economics Unit




6th Grade Reading--The Red Fern Unit Framework

6th Grade Reading--Walk 2 Moons Unit Framework

6th Grade Reading--Persuasive Writing Unit Framework

6th Grade Reading--Narrative Unit Framework


6th Grade Math--Chapter 2 Unit Framework

6th Grade Math--Number Theory & Fractions

6th Grade Math--Geometry & Measurement

6th Grade Math--Geo & Measur Formative Assessments for above unit

6th Grade Soc Studies--Beginning of Human Society Unit

6th Grade Social Studies--Ancient Worlds

6th Grade Social Studies--Ancient Worlds Students Tracking Learning Progress

6th Grade Social Studies--Ancient Civilizations Students Tracking Progress

6th grade Social Studies--Greece Unit with Formative Assessments Included

6th Grade Social Studies Geography Unit

6th Grade Soc Studies Ohio Book Unit

6th Grade Social Studies-Geography Ch. 3 Sec 1 and 2 Unit Design

6th Grade Social Studies--Econ & Government Ch. 3 Sec 3 & 4 Unit Design


6th Grade Science--Rocks Unit

6th Grade Science--Environmental Changes

6th Grade Science--Biom Unit

6th Grade Science--Weather Unit

6th Grade Science--Matter Unit Design

6th Grade Science--Scientific Ways of Knowing


6th Grade Textiles Unit

6th Grade Pillow Next Steps


7th Grade Reading--Crispin Unit Framework

7th Grade Reading--Crispin Self Assessments

7th Grade Reading--Literature Circles Peer Assssessment

7th Grade Math--Proportions


7th Grade Social Studies--Africa Unit

7th Grade Social Studies--Renaissance & Reformation Unit Design

7th Grade Social Studies--China Unit Design

7th Grade Science-Air, Water & Resources Unit

7th Grade Science--Energy Resources Unit

7th Grade Science--Cell Unit

7th Grade Science--Genetics

7th Grade Health--Nutrition Unit

7th Grade Tech Ed--Bridge Building Unit Design

7th Grade Life Skills--Textile Unit

Grds 6, 7 & 8: Foods Unit Design

7th Grade Art-Shading & Drawing Unit

7th Grade Art-Clay Non-objective Unit


8th Grade ELA--Persuasion Unit

8th Grade ELA--Literary Elements: The Book Thief_Unit Design



8th Grade Math--Linear Equations and Inequalities Unit Design

8th Grade Math--Surface Area Unit Design

Articles of Confederation Unit Design

US Constitution Unit Design

8th Grade Science--Rocks and Minerals

8th Grade Science--Plate Tectonics Unit Design


8th Grade Health--Circulatory Systems Unit

8th Grade Health--Alcohol_Drugs_Unit Design

8th Grade Life Skills--Textile Unit Design

8th Grade Tech Ed--CO2 Car Unit Design

8th Grade Health Reproduction Unit Design

8th Grade Health Circulatory System Unit Design

8th Grade Health Child Birth & STDs Unit Design

8th Grade Art-Clay Mask Unit

OFHS OFHS ELA--A Separate Piece Unit Design

OFHS ELA--Romeo & Juliet Unit Design

OFHS ELA--Nonfiction Unit Design

OFHS ELA--Writing About Literature Unit Design

OFHS--Algebra I Polynomials Unit Design

OFHS Math--Algebra I Exponents Unit Design

OFHS Math--Algebra 1-- Solving Linear Equations Unit Design

OFHS Math-Algebra 1--Graphing Linear Equations and Functions

OFHS Math--Algebra 1--Writing Linear Equations Unit


OFHS Geometry: Similarity Unit Design

OFHS Geometry: Right Triangles and Trig Unit Design

OFHS Geometry: Quadrilateral Unit Design

OFHS Geometry: Properties of Transformations Unit Design

OFHS Geometry: Circle Unit Design

OFHS Geometry: Length and Area Unit Design

OFHS Geometry: Surface Area and Volume of Solids Unit Design


OFHS Discrete Unit Design

OFHS Linear Equations Unit Design

OFHS Exponential & Logarithmic Functions Unit Design

OFHS Nonlinear Unit Design

OFHS Polynomial Functions Unit Design

OFHS Systems of Equations & Inequalities Unit Design

OFHS Trigonometric Functions Unit Design

  OFHS Biology--Ecology Unit Spanish_Family_Home_Unit Framework
    Spanish II Unit Framework: El verano y el invierno