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Key Shifts in the Common Core for ELA

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This site is devoted to teaching reading and writing at the middle school. 

Model Content Framework K-12 (8/2012 Version) Guided Reading Checklist Middle school poetry mini-lessons Nancy Atwell Reading in the Middle Video


Video archives from a school district called Norwal La Miranda.

  Guided Reading Lesson Plan Template 5th Grade Rick's Reading Workshop--Mini Lesson  

This is a good resource for parents and teachers. It contains a ton of resources related to reading, spelling, sight words, grammar, etc.

  Content Area Reading Resource for Middle Grades

Guided Reading with Jenna (a 6th grade teacher)

1st Video explaining purpose

2nd Video--classroom management

3rd Video--Reading predictions


6th Grade Guided Reading Group


This website is awesome for teachers. Warsaw Community Schools has created a tone of lesson plans for guided reading levels A through Z.

  A Complete Unit of Middle School Poetry Reading Workshop Overview  

Guided Reading Videos from a school in Oregon.

  The Power of Independent Reading Mini-lesson on inferencing  

Beth Newingham's Website--she's a 3rd grade teacher from Troy, MI who has a great website with a ton of resources that will help a teacher at just about any grade level.

    Readers Workshop Part by Part (primary teachers)