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Phonemic Awareness & Readers' Workshop Instructional Videos at the bottom of this page


Teacher Videos

Learning Targets Feedback Instructional Strategies

Clear and Understandable Visions of Targets and Student Self-Assessment and Setting goals by Mrs. B, Mrs. B and Mr. B

Students Describe the Feedback Technique of Stars and Stairs

Advanced Organizers & Cues and Questions by Mrs. W's Class at OFMS

Clarity of Learning Targets, Strong & Weak Work and Peer to Peer Feedback


Using Popsicle Sticks by Mrs. C--Choir middle school


Mrs. J Explaining This Technique to Her Colleagues on our District's Prof Dev Day 

Students Explain the Purpose of Learning Targets--what they are, why they are posted and how they help

Tables, Charts & Graphs by Mrs. J--Mathematics 4th grade

Ms. S Using Cueing & Questioning Strategy with Students


Structuring Clarity of Learning Intentions and Peer Feedback

Scoring Camp for Kids by Mrs. J--Mathematics 4th grade

Mrs. L Explains How to Do Student Self-Assessment

Mrs. L's Student Explains Her Chart

Kids Explain Learning Targets: Why teachers post them and how they help

Setting Up Peer Feedback by Ms. D--Social Students 6th grade

Making Peer Feedback Happen by Ms. D--Social Studies 6th grade





  How to effectively setup and manage feedback in the classroom by Mrs. A

Non-Linguistic Representation--Kinesthetic

See Mr. Largents class take on the Punic Wars


  Peer Feedback and Models of Strong & Weak Work by Mr. H, Mrs. R and Mrs. S--Phys. Ed. Middle School

  Setting Up Peer-to-Peer Feedback in 8th Grade Algebra by Ms. O'Brien

  Providing Manageable Feedback in 3rd Grade Language Arts by Mrs. R

  Modeling Peer Feedback for Students by a 4th Grade OFIS Team

  Engineering Clarity Through Feedback Falls Lenox Elementary

  Good video on student self-assessment

  My Favorite No--a great video that describes a strategy that a middle school math teacher uses to use mistakes as teaching opportunities.

Olmsted Falls Middle School Students Win Design Squad's Engineer Challenge



Web-links to Phonemic Awareness Adoption/Implementation



Implementation of P.A. Power Point--embedded videos will not work. You will need to use the instructional videos to the right -----------------------------------------------> The Roller Coaster Technique Using Elkonin Boxes
    The Letter Cheer The Punch It Out Technique
    Segmenting/Chopping Technique  


Readers Workshop Videos

Overview Videos Independent Reading Mini-Lessons Guided Reading Conferring with kids


How to organize it

This comes from the Carnegie Foundation. The students look to be about the 2nd or 3rd grade level, but it does a good job showing the specific aspects of  Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop.

Lucy Calkins explains Readers Workshop