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Click here for the 92 page Common Core document

K-8 Math Cross-Walk Document in PDF

K-8 Comparative Analysis Doc (what is new to the standards and what is no longer a focus)

High School Math Cross-Walk Document

K-8 Math Learning Progressions

AWESOME STUFF--This is a web clearing house for common core documents--http://darke.k12.oh.us/~carl_jones/FOV2-00108031/?OpenItemURL=S01D1668E

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Key Shifts in the Common Core for Mathematics PARCC Model Content Framework for Mathematics Achieve the Core Presentation

This will take a bit to download because of the embedded videos in the power point, but the content is very good.

Cognitive Demand and Mathematics Math Gap Analysis Toolkit  
Math Common Core FAQs Math Alignment Tool 2 The Hunt Institute Common Core Video Site--Good stuff
Standards for Mathematic Practice Math Gap Analysis The Mathematics Standards: Key Changes and Their Evidence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNP5MdDDFPY&list=UUF0pa3nE3aZAfBMT8pqM5PA&index=6&feature=plcp
Math Alignment Tool Kit link for Phase 1 Gap Analysis Math Common Core Critical Focus Areas

The Mathematics Standards and the Shifts They Require http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pBOnvzC_Yw&list=UUF0pa3nE3aZAfBMT8pqM5PA&index=9&feature=plcp 

Math Shifts Modules



K-8 Critical Areas of Focus Mathematical Practices, Focus and Coherence in the Classroom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pKcO9E4Flw&list=UUF0pa3nE3aZAfBMT8pqM5PA&index=10&feature=plcp 
Common Core Math Progressions from the University of Arizona


The 6 Shifts in Mathematics due to the Common Core Helping Teachers: Coherence and Focus


Assisting Struggling Students in Mathematics Phoenix Rising by Wu  
Great Math Teaching Resources



College and Career Readiness

This is a policy brief by the ASCD


Math Calculators


Cognitive Demand Categories for Mathematics  
Whiteboard Learning: The Basics of Geometry--written by Tom Shaw