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OTES Rubric

This document serves as the areas that teachers will be evaluated in, under the new teacher evaluation system that has been written into law. The rubric is grounded in the Ohio Educator Standards and serves to standardize the expectations for administrators (and teachers).

ODE's Model Board Policy

This is a model board of education policy that was created by the Ohio Department of Education to put BOE's in compliance with the new teacher evaluation process as mandated by the Ohio Legislature.

Teacher Evaluation in Non-Tested Grades/Subjects

This document provides an annotated bibliography for a number of resources to assist with addressing student growth in un-tested grades and subjects.

OTES Rubric

This is the rubric (without modifications) that was created by the ODE in order to evaluate teachers under the new model.

SB 316 Legislative Impact on OTES

This document describes the impact of Ohio's legislation on the new teacher evaluation system.

OTES Recommendations from Ed. First--This document provided feedback to the ODE regarding their first draft of the evaluation system. A quick 1-pager.
OTES Indicators

This document contains the performance levels and statements for each performance level (Ineffective, Developing, Proficient & Accomplished) on the 10 dimensions contained within the new evaluation system.

FAQs about HB153--This document was produced by the ODE and it addresses questions people might have related to the components of HB 153 to discuss teacher evaluation. Ohio Evaluation & Compensation Reform--This 23 page document provides a nice general overview on a controversial topic--performance based compensation. It contains examples from other states.

Student Learning Objectives

Introduction to Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)--An ODE guidance document for districts.

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)--SLOs are long term, measurable academic growth targets that can be used as part of a growth model in Ohio. This 2-page document explains what they are and the benefits of using them.

Scoring the SLOs--Reviews how an SLO should be scored and used as part of the teacher evaluation process.

Sample Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)--An ODE document with sample student learning objectives.

Guidance for Selecting Assessments for Student Learning Objectives--An ODE created document that provides guidance to districts as they begin to select/create assessments for the purposes of evaluating student growth.

A Guide to Using Student Learning Objectives as a Locally-Determined Measure of Growth--An ODE created document whose purpose was to supports LEAs as they are piloting locally determined measures of student growth for the purposes of teacher evaluation.

Designing Local Student Growth Measures--A 1-page document that provides a general overview related to designing local student growth measures.

SLOs from Stark County ESC--This is a weblink to sample student learning objectives in music and fine arts. Simply do a search on SLOs in the search bar.

Fulton County SLO Website --This website is a clearing house for a great deal of SLO work that is happening throughout the country. You need a GMAL account to get in

Austin Independent School District--This is the website to a Texas School District's SLO bank.

SLOs from Rhode Island--This is the website for the Rhode Island's DoE. A great deal of info on SLOs.

Videos Regarding OTES

Video 5--14 min video from the Educator Evaluation Symposium



Mid-term Report on OTES Pilot--This is a mid-term report to the ODE regarding the progress on the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System pilot. It is 18 pages and contains preliminary findings.

OTES Updated Chart--This updated graphic illustrates all of the components of Ohio's Teacher Evaluation System. It is the document that is shown at the top of this webpage.

OTES Myths and Facts--Read this document for a good laugh. It is ODE's response to some of banter in the field from those practitioners who have taken the OTES training. Explanation of the Evaluation of Professional Staff--Explains the provisions outlined in the law regarding teacher evaluation in Ohio. Evaluation Framework Graphic--The initial graphic designed by the ODE that demonstrates the 50/50 division of a teachers' evaluation.
Student Growth Measures Overview--This 7-page document is very valuable in that it provides an overview of student growth measures, how student growth will fit into the teacher evaluation framework, important terms to know, and an explanation of the 3 categories of making evaluation decisions within the growth model.    
OTES Newsletter--4/2012--ODE's April newsletter on OTES    
ODE Approved Assessment List for Student Growth--Eventually, fifty percent of a teachers evaluation will need to be attributed to the growth of a student. There are certain assessments that are approved by the ODE. They are contained in this list.     
Student Growth Measures FAQs--this document comes from the ODE.    


                                                           Master Teacher Information (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Document What's the Content
Master Teacher FAQs Pretty self explanatory. The document comes from the ODE. It is 3 pages long and has about 17 questions.
OF Master Teacher Agenda for May 30, 2012 Agenda for our first meeting
OF Minutes for 5/30/12 Meeting Minutes from our first meeting
Master Teacher Criteria M.T. criteria based on Educator's Board
Requirements at a Glance M.T. rquirements quick glance
Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession Ohio's educational standards