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      The district is committed to providing job embedded, high quality professional development that is

commensurate with the standards as set forth by the ODE and National Council for Professional Development.

All professional development is connected to the district's continuous improvement plan and is primarily

provided by employees of the school district.

      Based on research conducted by Pritchard and Marshall (2002) districts who had professional development

based on the characteristics listed below had student achievement levels of similar districts

that did not display them. Here are 4 of the 10 characteristics identified by the researchers.

1. Professional Development (PD) addresses fundamental curriculum instruction issues in an integrated way.

2. PD has shared district focus and that which is provided in the building is aligned.

3. Establish expectation that PD is the job of every employee within the district.

4. PD is based on how it will help the district accomplish it's goals and includes administrators in its planning.

LINK TO THE Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession

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